This girl is truly one of our top ten success stories. Five hours from euthanasia, she was reclaimed from a shelter and brought to us as an owner surrender. SHE WAS NOT HAPPY! Completely shut down except to growl and try to bite. Fast forward a month or two and she has become a funny, "helpful" girl with loads of personality and love to give. Pharaoh is a Husky/Border Collie that presents physically alot like a cattle dog, but the underlying breed personalities are obvious. How lovely to have a dog that listens impeccably, loves to fetch, and "manages" the other dogs as they go thru the same process. She is a special case and we know her final and forever folks are out there, we're just waiting for them to show up. Patience, selflessness, a working knowledge of dog psychology and a willingness to build trust will be imperative for PHARAOH. Love this girl so much- she's a great dog and we're so lucky to have snatched her from the jaws of death. If you'd like to see her progress, be sure to visit our facebook page: Thunder Puppy K9 Rehabilitation and Rehoming and enjoy the pix and vids. Meanwhile, we are willing to work with you, while you earn her love and affection- so don't hesitate to inquire!

cuteness MD


MoonDog has really been dealt a raw deal.  This now ten year old girl came to us as part of a rescued sled dog situation way back in 2011; in fact, our permanent pack member ABRACADBRA is her teammate/sister.  Cuteness MD has been adopted twice since then and seriously, due to no fault of her own,she has been returned-each time after a number of years!  We don't need to go into details, but this past time she gained so much weight it put her health and longevity in peril. As of today, she is on a decent diet, supplements,  and  an exercise plan so she can go to the doctor and have some of her benign fatty cysts removed -among other things.  Once again, it feels like humans have failed her over and over again.  We're just grateful we've been here to pick up the pieces and help her- no matter how much or how many times.  As of November 2018, we aren't looking to place her so much in a FurEver Home- although we are open to it if it's in the Thunder Puppy family.  What would help the most is finding her a nearby Foster situation while she continues to get back in shape.  

Do you have room in your heart and home for this special senior?  She is super low-maintenance, crate and house trained, tolerates other dogs, and only needs a half mile walk a day right now.  Maybe if you can't foster, you might consider sponsoring her?  She will stay in our midst for the rest of her life so that we can make sure she is healthy and ultimately happy.  

Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Sponsor MoonDog

Please note that we do not adopt to APTs or kids under 8



AMARUQ (pronounced ama-ruk) is such a sweet soul and is truly a special little girl.  AMA is a Siberian Husky mix whose name is Inuit for Grey Wolf. She just turned a year old and kinda had a rough start. The last six months in our care, we've been letting AMA explore, connect, play and learn about life in general.  She is working on her shyness with strangers and slowly getting her primary education under her collar. Mostly we want her to enjoy her puppy and young adulthood so she will be a well-rounded dog, as she is already so compliant, loving and willing to please.  Still, there's that curiosity and "need" to touch and taste  everything. She hasn't had any 'real life domestic' experience, so her FurEver Home and Family is going to be just as exciting. And scary.  :)  It will help if she has a sibling with her as she is extremely pack-oriented and enjoys the company of other dogs.  Maybe an older brother or sister to show her the ropes?  Just love this dog- are you the exceptional human who wants to give her the future she deserves? 

No children, no apartments please.  

If you are interested in AMARUQ-or any of our Thunder Puppies- please visit our ADOPT page to familiarize yourself with our process and follow the Six Steps To Success. 




Say "heywhooo" to SITKA! She is a 3.5 year old pure bred Siberian Husky who is bi-eyed and has freckles on her nose!  

SITKA came to Thunder Puppy as a transfer from another rescue in Utah when a problem developed with her Colorado adopter.  Originally scheduled as a training session, the human involved gave up before I even got there.   

Things are meant to be I guess. SITKA'S "issue" is that once in awhile her brain gets locked on being growly and possessive. We've developed an easy way to help her 'snap out of it' and are super willing to assist  you get to know this great girl.  It's starts by not taking it personally.  :)

Thunder Puppy is dedicated to finding her FurEver home.  She needs a Husk- knowledgeable person who isn't in need of a super cuddly dog- but can appreciate and love SITKA for her sense of humor and confident personality.  She is learning to play with and enjoy other dogs here- something I think has been missing her life (judging from her awkward approach-howl out loud!) and really is low-maintenance and receptive to affection on her terms.  She's a fabulous dog and it's been an honor to help her get comfortable in her own fur without putting excessive expectations on her.  

If you think you might love SITKA they way we do, then please visit our ADOPT PAGE to familiarize yourself with our process and follow the Six Steps To Success.  Thanks for considering a Thunder Puppy Pack Member!



WAKANDA (pronounced wah-ken-da) is a Sioux name meaning "possessor of magic". This little girl certainly does.  I call her my 'pocket wolf' due to her appearance and antics; she is tiny and very crafty, yet her persona is enormous. 

Of all the yearlings, she is definitely the "pack leader" and enjoys getting everyone all riled up for zoomies, a game of chase, or wrestle-mania. 

She is also very independent and super clever.  She spends her spare time figuring things out and self-entertaining. 

Highly intelligent and definitely having a 'Call of The Wild', 'KENDA is not for a novice of the Northern Breed.  Her guardian will need to respect her and meet her where she's at, while building a relationship based on trust.  None of this is to say that she isn't loving and adorable with the human, it's just that  she's "got 'KENDA business to attend to, thank you very much, so see ya when I see ya!"  A girl of the current culture-  haha!

WAKANDA is SO unique and special that you'll never find another quite like her.  We will know the right fit for her when we meet them, so if you are fascinated by her possibilities, feel free to reach out and apply.

Another dog or dogs (even one of her siblings here) are a must for her and she definitely needs a dig and jump proof yard.  Again, no apartments. 

If you believe that you are the person for WAKANDA, please visit the ADOPT page here on this site and fill out the application.  I'd love to chat with you about her.  XOXO




Say ‘whoooo’ to STRYDER! A more striking gentleman you will never meet. Strydyr is a nearly two-year-old, long-haired, neutered male Siberian Husky. Up until he got to us in March, he has had a bit of a rough go with finding reliable trustworthy humans to mentor and guide him. He was a bit mouthy, but never aggressive, often puts his nose (literally) where it doesn’t belong, saw no reason to listen to bipeds when they spoke, and had no frame of reference for the right versus wrong choices. We’ve been working on pushing that reset button for him the past few months and he is now ready for a stable, positive, patient, and energetic person to take over. He may take time to trust you specifically, but again, an experienced Siberian guardian knows that it is totally worth the effort. Stryder is extremely talkative (great sense of humor if you pay attention), loves other dogs, and is crate trained. He is still a work in progress with his basics, but he definitely is half-way there. We’ve been more concerned with his trust issues and returning his mind to peaceful balance. He knows some stuff, but he is waiting for you to work through the rest with him a s part of your bonding process. 

Fill out an application and we'll call you to talk about Strydyr in more detail!  He really is a great guy wrapped in a bundle of fur!



We seem to be having a run on all white Huskies!  Even though he looks a lot like our friend GHOST, KALLIK is a little more stout and rough around the edges.  Such is the result of a less privileged recent past!  KALLIK (pronounced KAH-LEEK) is an Inuit name meaning Lightening.  This all-white, long-haired Siberian Husky is totally boy and a lot of male energy.  Unfortunately for him, he was never trained as an (even younger) puppy and is pretty much a blank slate except for coming when called for food and now, crate trained.  He is only one and a half years old and not a bad kid- just exuberant and unruly.   All it’s going to take is for someone who has patience and a knack for that kind of thing to bring him around to being their BFF.  He is loyal, curious, and came to us a little hand shy so we can only imagine that his “education” prior to Thunder Puppy wasn’t ‘positive reinforcement.  

All that being said however, he is making progress on the daily and loves Love and Attention.  

We are putting him up for adoption a little earlier than most because we feel that he will thrive as someone’s sole focus- and the sooner the better after being somewhat neglected and ignored earlier in life.  

KALLIK gets along with other dogs as long as the human in the pack is there to supervise and help him bring it down a notch when he gets too excited.  We are not allowing him to go with kids under twelve, no apartments, and want his Forever Family to have snow dog experience and a willingness and ability to follow through with his training.  

This youngster is truly a diamond in the rough- get over to our ADOPT page here on this site and fill out the application.  We will contact you to discuss!





GHOST and ELSA are a fantastic, long-haired, bonded pair. He is just about four years old and she is three and a half. They came to us via an owner surrender and really have no behavior issues to speak of. Ghost is extremely handsome, fairly shy fella and will need time to just warm up, but any experienced Husky guardian will know that it’s worth the wait.  Elsa is the adorable, slightly mischievous but lovable leader of the two. They have been together for the past three years and I really believe that they will be psychologically best suited if they stay together. Because they are so well behaved, it’s more like just having one anyway.😊 I’m told they had significant training when they were young, they are both crateable (they come with their own), get along great with other dogs although Elsa can be dominant when she gets comfortable, and just like most Huskies can always still use some fine tuning on a leash- but still require lots of exercising and walks. But honestly? The most challenging part of caring for these two is keeping them well groomed! Howl out loud!

If you have room in your home and heart for this extremely worth duo, please  familiarize yourself with our process and fill out the application.