This girl is truly one of our top ten success stories. Five hours from euthanasia, she was reclaimed from a shelter and brought to us as an owner surrender. SHE WAS NOT HAPPY! Completely shut down except to growl and try to bite. Fast forward a month or two and she has become a funny, "helpful" girl with loads of personality and love to give. Pharaoh is a Husky/Border Collie that presents physically alot like a cattle dog, but the underlying breed personalities are obvious. How lovely to have a dog that listens impeccably, loves to fetch, and "manages" the other dogs as they go thru the same process. She is a special case and we know her final and forever folks are out there, we're just waiting for them to show up. Patience, selflessness, a working knowledge of dog psychology and a willingness to build trust will be imperative for PHARAOH. Love this girl so much- she's a great dog and we're so lucky to have snatched her from the jaws of death. If you'd like to see her progress, be sure to visit our facebook page: Thunder Puppy K9 Rehabilitation and Rehoming and enjoy the pix and vids. Meanwhile, we are willing to work with you, while you earn her love and affection- so don't hesitate to inquire!


UPDATE 11/11/18: Tira has been in foster care for two weeks and had a full dental and x-rays for a mild limp she has. It's from an old injury that wasn't treated.  Her personality is exactly as described below. She is, however, coming back to campus.   She wasn't necessarily bonding with the man of the house.  It's important that the whole "pack" understands and accepts her precisely as she is. 

*TIRAMISU is a beautiful 3.5 year old red and cream Siberian Husky.  She is smallish and has "woolly" long hair.  

TIRA is for the experienced Husky guardian only.  She can be very aloof and is not a snuggler, but she has an excellent sense of humor and subtle personality.  If you are patient and willing to build a trusting relationship with her, without being concerned about your own emotional needs, she is a fantastic find. She just wants to "do her" and interact with you on her own terms. She likes to relax in the sun and tends to observe the other dogs, rather than get involved.  She definitely isn't high maintenance but will need a home that  walks her daily.  Probably best for the mature person(s)  that likes to take casual walks and isn't consumed with going to the dog park or putting her in overwhelming social situations. 

All that being said, if you are willing to earn it, TIRA has some pretty fabulous surprises in store.  She is absolutely a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


SAKARI is an Inuit name meaning sweet and beautiful and she is both! Such a gentle soul with just the right amount of spice and playfulness mixed with a sugary love-bug side.  Sakari has been let down by humans too many times and we are taking an intense personal interest in her future success, just like we do with our Thunder Puppies.

She is the perfect "dog's dog" and gets along with everyone, yet she tells us she would love a brother of her own breed and energy level.  There have been a few male Huskies that have left her heartbroken when they were placed or went home before her.  Our human hearts can't take much more of this on her behalf.  

She needs someone who is active, wants to take her on daily walks, can provide her with a yard (no apartments please) and doesn't leave her alone for hours on end.  Breed experience is preferred with a soft and gentle touch.  

SAKARI has so much to offer and deserves to finally find that perfect match.  If you feel you can give her just as much in return (and by chance have a male Husky she can also bond with) we promise you that you won't be disappointed.   

cuteness MD

MoonDog has really been dealt a raw deal.  This now ten year old girl came to us as part of a rescued sled dog situation way back in 2011; in fact, our permanent pack member ABRACADBRA was her teammate/sister.  Cuteness MD has been adopted twice since then and seriously, due to no fault of her own,she has been returned-each time after a number of years!  We don't need to go into details, but this past time she gained so much weight it put her health and longevity in peril. As of today, she is on a decent diet, supplements,  and  an exercise plan so she can go to the doctor and have some of her benign fatty cysts removed -among other things.  Once again, it feels like humans have failed her over and over again.  We're just grateful we've been here to pick up the pieces and help her- no matter how much or how many times.  As of November 2018, we aren't looking to place her so much in a FurEver Home- although we are open to it if it's in the Thunder Puppy family.  What would help the most is finding her a nearby Foster situation while she continues to get back in shape.  

Do you have room in your heart and home for this special senior?  She is super low-maintenance, crate and house trained, tolerates other dogs, and only needs a half mile walk a day right now.  Maybe if you can't foster, you might consider sponsoring her?  She will stay in our midst for the rest of her life so that we can make sure she is healthy and ultimately happy.  

Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Sponsor MoonDog

fox samhain mulder

UPDATE: ADOPTED 12.21.18! 

Oh Boy.  This one is super special and whoever ends up with him will be extremely lucky.  His name is Fox Samhain Mulder cuz he's just spooky sexy like that. We mostly just call him Samhain (which oddly enough is pronounced SO-WIN). Samhain is the Celtic Fall Festival celebrated  October 31st to November 1st- or as we now know it- Halloween. Fox Samhain Mulder arrived on the Thunder Puppy Campus this year right in the middle of our annual Howl-O-Ween fundraiser. 

He came from Roswell, New Mexico (hint hint) and indeed endured some heinous circumstances.  He was on medical hold as a stray at their local animal facility because someone had poured chemicals on him. Then he got super sick with kennel cough and had to stay in New Mexico for an additional two weeks.  Poor kid.  But we are so glad we funded his recovery and trip and neuter (done here on 11/12/18). This amazing boy is the friendliest, sweetest, full-body wagging, playful, compliant creature you will ever meet.  The true epitome of a forgiving and loving soul, Samhain just wants to please you and enjoy everyday life. Since he is relatively new, he is not on Petfinder or Adopt-A-Pet yet, but the longer he stays the harder it is going to be to let him go.  Therefore, if you happen to be reading this and thinking "That's my guy!" then feel free to apply.  

Once again, only the best of the best for this fantastic dog, so please come to the table ready with what you can offer him.  Who knows? This could be your luckiest day ever!

coming soon

Look closely. Feel the adorable oozing off the screen! 

 A lot goes on behind the scenes here and this announcement has been brewing for awhile. The time is now. (11/10/18)
We, as a whole, have an opportunity to help these dogs -as well as our community-within the next few days.
 Working with our favorite shelter partner, these pups are ready to  leave confinement, but aren't ready/eligible for the adoption floor.
Thunder Puppy has been called in on an assist. And we need your support.
 We don't mind doing the work: daily care, training, finding forever  homes. We will gladly give our time and expertise, but y'all know we  have costs for food, equipment, heat and housing. We are financed solely  by donations- no grants or government assistance. Just people like you  who believe in us, volunteers, and foster guardians.  
The dogs are 11 month old  Husky mixes (2 of each sex) and an approximately 2 year old (F) Siberian.
Look at their faces!😍
Of course you can assume they've had a rough start, but I've met them and they have adorkable personalities. 👅💘. It won't be hard to find them permanent situations, yet we need to take them to the next level.
 If you are moved to help in any way or amount, it would go far in  helping Thunder Puppy and our associates save lives. These lives.
Thanks so much, Everyone. We know we can't do it without you.    

~Ann and The Pack 

Help the Puppies!