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INTERESTED IN A THUNDER PUPPY? Please follow the Six Steps To Success outlined below.  

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 If you are interested in any of our special Thunder Puppies, please find the Adoption Application at the bottom of this page.  This form is NOT interactive online.  You will need to DOWNLOAD it to fill it out.  Please write legibly and in large PRINT if you choose not to type.  We have no preference either way, as long as we can read it.     


When you have completed the form by answering every question,  EMAIL it to  Please refrain from taking a photo of the application's pages in lieu of a Printed Scan or Fill & Sign.  Once you have submitted your application, you may wait up to 72 hours to hear from us.  You can leave Ann a message at 303.898.4238 alerting us to look for your application, once it's been sent. 


  You will be asked to come visit  the dog at our campus in Coal Creek Canyon  It is best that all family members,  roommates, or anyone who will have consistent contact or responsibly for the dog attend. Other existing household dogs are required to visit as well.  Meet and Greets are  by appointment only, made by phone,  and generally set for  mid-mornings.  Special considerations are sometimes applicable.  If the  meeting goes well, we will schedule a Home Visit. 


A Thunder Puppy  representative will visit your home to ensure that the dog's future  environment is safe and secure, and that all previously discussed  requirements are met and true.  In some cases, (not all) the dog will be  present at the Home Visit, so as to gauge his or her reaction to the surroundings.  Following the Home Visit,  a decision will be made within  a 48 hour time-frame concerning moving  forward with this process.  In special circumstances, the dog may be allowed to stay with the family to begin the Foster Period. 


 The  Foster Period is two weeks.  You will be required to sign a Foster Care  Agreement that holds you legally liable and responsible for our dog.   We have implemented this Foster Period for the best interest of  our animals and it is intended to make absolutely sure that you and our Thunder Puppy are a good fit.  During this time, you will be asked to  stay in contact with TPK9RR via email, phone calls and pictures.  We  will be available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise and  give you support.  If a situation occurs that makes you believe it is not the right decision for you or your family, the Foster Period  can be immediately terminated and the dog returned.  In most cases  however, this is a bonding time for you and your potential new best friend and  hopefully you are falling in love... 


 ADOPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!  At  the end of the Foster Period, providing all went well- you may now  officially make OUR dog- YOURS!   Our adoption contract is a legal and  binding document and you will be asked to sign it, agreeing to all terms  when you pay your adoption fee.  The fee for all our adoptables ranges from $300 to $400.  Their vaccinations will be current, having been given sometime within the past year. Some may be microchipped although not always guaranteed.  We work hard while the dogs are in our care to rehabilitate them from whatever behavior issues had put them at-risk or deemed them unadoptable.  You have access to anything we know about the dogs' history and useful insight into who they really are. Congratulations! We are a family here at Thunder Puppy and will always want to stay in touch!


TPK9RR Adoption Application (pdf)