Thunder Puppy K9 Rehabilitation and Rehoming

Currently the only Siberian Husky rescue in Colorado. 

Rehabilitating at-risk dogs with Positive Enhancement, Dog Psychology, & Pack Therapy while helping them navigate their transitions into  Forever Homes. 


Thunder Puppy? Who are they?

Thunder Puppy K9 Rehabilitation and Rehoming is a nonprofit (501c3) organization in located in Colorado that is focused on bringing (mostly) Siberian Huskies back to balance and finding them loving homes where they can live in safety with an enriched quality of life. 


Saving and rehabilitating at-risk canines with Positive Enhancement, Dog Psychology and inclusive Pack Therapy as we assist them with their transistion into Forever Homes. 


A. To bring at-risk dogs in our community and the surrounding area to safety.

B. To help educate dog guardians what it means to be a responsible, loving pet owner.

C. To provide an environmentally enriched sanctuary for dogs while helping them navigate the rehoming process. 

D. To rehabilitate said dogs through behavior modification, Pack Therapy, Canine Psychology, and Human Education

E. To find only the best and most suitable forever homes for each animal based on his or her needs and the capabilities of their potential custodians. 

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Thunder Puppy K9 Rehab and Rehome (501c3)

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